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Jianglong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange on January 13, 2017 under stock code 300589. We have 2 shipyards in Zhuhai and Zhongshan of Guangdong Province. Zhuhai Shipyard covers a land area of around 800,000 square meters (120 mu), and Zhongshan Shipyard covers a land area of around 130,000 square meters (195 mu). There are over 1,000 employees in total, including over 100 designers and technicians.

We are specialized in the design, research and development, manufacturing and sales of patrol boats, tourism leisure boats and passenger boats, which are made of steel, aluminum alloy, fiberglass and composite materials. Moreover, we can provide professional and tailor-made solutions for clients, including boat design, manufacturing and maintenance.

As one of the leading enterprises in ship industry in China, we have won a lot of honors, awards and certificates. We are approved as “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Innovation Enterprise of Guangdong Province”, “Famous Brand of Guangdong Province”, “Guangdong Provincial-level Enterprise Technical Center”, and “Engineering Research Center of Guangdong Province”, etc. We have been certified with Lloyds Register and Bureau Viritas, and we also have the qualifications of Class-A Boat Design and Class-A Fishery Boat Design issued by Guangdong Province.

We are one of the several enterprises in China which can manufacture boats made of steel, aluminum, fiberglass and composite materials. We have obtained over 100 patents. We are the “Steel-Aluminum Ship R&D and Production Base” and “Steel-FRP Ship R&D and Production Base” designated by China Fishing Vessel & Fishing Mechanical & Fishing Gear Association. Many products of us including “Aluminum-FRP High Speed Ship”, “Multifunctional Steel-FRP Luxury Business Yacht” and “Steel-Aluminum Law Enforcement Boat” have been recognized as Guangdong Provincial-level high-tech products.

In June 2016, we cooperated with Austal Ships Pty Limited, the largest shipbuilder for high speed boats in the world, and set up a new company named Aulong Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. which is dedicated to manufacturing high-end aluminum ships.

Since establishment, we have worked closely with China Coast Guard, Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Agriculture, Customs, Ministry of Commerce, Maritime etc. and provided many work and patrol boats for them. We have also undertaken many projects, including “Angola Law Enforcement Boat under China-Angola Oil Guarantee Project”, “New Generation Patrol Boat Project for General Administration of Customs”, and “Maritime Law Enforcement Boat for HongKong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Project”, monitoring boats for Administration of Ocean and Fisheries of Guangdong Province, and sightseeing boats for Haikou City, Xiamen City and Tangshan City. In addition to the domestic market, our products have also been sold to over 10 “The Belt and Road” countries covering Iran,Thailand, Myanmar,Madagascar and Nigeria.

Based on sustained technology innovation, good product performance and complete product line, we have enjoyed good reputation in the industry and well recognition among our customers. We have become one of the most competitive shipbuilding enterprises in Asia.












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Zhuhai:Yacht industrial zone,Pingsha town,Jinwan district,Zhuhai city,Guangdong province

Zhongshan:No.1 Guizhu Road,Shenwan Town,Zhongshan City,Guangdong province

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